Scandhof Capital is a part of Scandhof Group which includes Scandhof Communications Agency. Through the years we have been working closely with especially Chinese entities in the Nordic region. Soon it became clear to us that there are some difficulties for entrepreneurs and businesses to reach out to each other due to lack of market knowledge, cultural understanding, timing and the technical mechanism of transactions between Nordic and Asian markets.

We set out to solve these issues and that's, why Scandhof Capital is now one of the Nordic regions trusted partners within Nordic-Asian investments, transactions, sourcing, broker, and research. 

We specialize in the Nordic markets and assist clients from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and also the Baltic states to invest, expand and grow their business in the Asian region preferably China. We also assist Foreign entities such as Asian funds, companies or entrepreneurs to do the same in the Nordic Region.

Our special grip on the markets gives you as a client a reliable, fast and high-value network that is needed when going to Nordic or Asian market. 

We specialize in having the best team, and the best opportunities there is at hand. 

For years we have been fine-tuning our road-to market and investment portfolio which has been giving us an edge when it comes to working with the Nordic-Asian markets. 

Since we are well connected and trusted on both spectrums of the markets we have the opportunity to assist you as a close partner. We will help you fund your project or object. If you are an investor, we will assist you in investing in the latest technology and most high-value projects and investments there is between the Nordic and Asian region. 

We at Scandhof feel proud to assist our clients in their enterprise or investment setting. 

Scandhof Capital connects Nordic and Asian investors in innovation, tech, industry, and science. We are the Nordic-Asian trusted brooker, accelerator, and investor. 


Address: Munkbron 5, 111 28, Stockholm

Email: contact@scandhofcapital.com

Phone: +46 723-761500

Stockholm HQ location

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